John Hauser

I’m an independent computer designer, programmer, and researcher, lately splitting most of my time between contributing to the specification of the new RISC-V ISA and working on an undisclosed RISC-V project. My technical interests include computer architecture (hardware), computer languages, compilers, software support libraries, low-level system software, and computer arithmetic. I’m perhaps best known as the author of Berkeley SoftFloat and TestFloat for floating-point arithmetic. I continue to update my résumé sporadically, in case you’re curious.

Besides work, I still regularly play ultimate (frisbee), and I occasionally travel, mostly in Europe. I dabble in photography and graphic art, and I study history on the side.


[] Pictures of Roman ruins in Italy. Over 150 photographs from my first trip to Europe, way back in 1997.
[] Great films.

Technical Projects, Past and Present

[] HardFloat, SoftFloat, TestFloat. HardFloat and SoftFloat are hardware and software implementations of the IEEE floating-point standard, respectively. TestFloat is a program for testing whether a floating-point implementation conforms to the IEEE standard.
[] The Garp processor. Garp is a hypothetical general-purpose microprocessor that includes on-chip “reconfigurable hardware” as an added computing device. Garp was the topic of my dissertation, and a project of the BRASS Research Group in the late 1990s.
[] Algorithmic exception handling. By algorithmic I mean the common kind of exception handling now supported by many programming languages. My Master’s work was in this area.


[] Publications and other documents.
[] Résumé.

Contact Information

Address   2455 Hilgard Avenue #23
Berkeley, CA 94709-1234
Phone (510) 843-6909

“Upon us all a little rain must fall.”

John Hauser, 2019 July 29